June 23rd, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


The Good: All my bills for the month are now paid off -- credit card, phone bill (both were bigger than I would have liked, oops), health insurance, car loan, board to parents, car is full of petrol, etc etc.
The Bad: I don't have any money left for the next 2 weeks... and payday was just today. Yikes.

The Good:It is exactly 3 months today until I leave (!!!)
The Bad: ... I am really going to miss some of the people here at work.

The Good: I got a great magazine at the newsagency called In London - it's actually a free monthly magazine all over London, aimed at backpackers and working holidayers, but there's a new magazine that's just been released here in Australia, for people going over there. Anyway, it's absolutely perfect (plus it was only $ 5.95). I'm so thrilled to have found it 'cos I loved those free magazines (In London, TNT etc) when I was over there - they are so informative and full of great resources, websites, and other relevant information.
The Bad: Now I really don't want to do any more work, I just want to sit here and read my backpacker magazine ;)


I was in the bookstore at lunchtime (travel section, of course), and I heard a girl asking a sales assistant about White Oleander. The sales assistant looked on the shelves and said, "you must mean White Gardenia, there is no White Oleander." And the girl said, "it's the one from the movie" and I couldn't help myself, I just had to speak up: "It's by Janet Fitch". The girls looked over at me and I had to say, "it's my favourite book". They found it and the girl stopped to talk to me about it ("is it as good as the movie?" "oh, it's much better, the movie left so much out") and she looked thrilled to have the copy in her hands; walking down to the cash registers at the front of the store hugging her copy to her the way I do when I find something special. It's silly, but when they said White Oleander, I just felt such a connection with that book, I couldn't not speak up. I really hope that girl enjoys reading it as much as I did. I think she will though.

butterfly girl : where she goes when she



Um, we just got connected to Broadband Internet.

This is, after eight years of being on dialup.


I'm downloading an album from album_love and it's taken 40 seconds to download 34% of it.
I was used to leaving the computer on overnight in order to try and download a full album. And considered myself very lucky if it actually did download in that time.

I'm actually really quite overwhelmed by all this.


The catch is we have a 2gig* download limit, which I have been sworn to, under the penalty of... well, never being able to use this ;) - to NOT use all of that limit each month 'cos Dad needs it for the new business. Which is principally why he's installed it (after about 3 years of begging to have it, haha). Although I have just discovered that there's an option of paying $ 10 per extra gig downloaded, which I'm thinking I might just have to succumb to ;)

*edit: actually, we have 10gig a month (in actual fact, 20 - it's 10 during the day and 10 at night after midnight but anyway), Dad just said he said MY limit was 2. haha. I'm wearing him down ;)

Anyway, I'm really overawed by this.
(In case anyone is wondering, it's a 1.5mb speed. And it just took 5 minutes to download that album, as opposed to 5 hours. WOW)

haha, I'm a dork ;)