June 25th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

downloading spree

Okay, remember how I was so excited about getting broadband the other night? And how we have a download limit, and Dad's limited me to 2gig (well, it's 2gig during the day, 2 at night)? Well I've just checked our invoices/account status, and it's by calendar month, which means that as of Friday (July 1), we start afresh with the whole download limit thing.

So anyway, I have 6 days to chew through around 19 gig of downloads.

Right. So where's the best place to download tv episodes from?


butterfly girl : where she goes when she


I'm very antisocial right now. Also a laptop bag fell on my head when I was at the shops today, and I feel mildly concussed.

Tori Amos is guest programming rage tonight, may go to shiftybob's to stay up all night and watch it if I snap out of this antisocial mood.

I slept in today (til 10:30am, which these days is a definite sleep in), and it's thrown me out of sync. I feel slow and sluggish, and not enthused about anything. I went to the library and stocked up on travel guides, had lunch, brought my blank dvds, and was so blah that I came straight home instead of venturing anywhere else. Listening to Counting Crows now, uploading songs for people at teh_music, and debating about whether to break my several year-long break and actually play The Sims (moonborn, that time at your place doesn't count! Although I was greatly tempted to buy Sims 2 today, even though that's $ 80 that could definitely be better used, ie, overseas stuff. Anyway, I did resist that urge, thank goodness).

I'm so blah right now, not sure why, but I hope I snap out of it. I'd have a nap, but I probably wouldn't bother getting up again until tomorrow, and I'd rather not completely write off half my weekend (although playing The Sims would definitely be very close to that anyway, haha)