July 16th, 2005

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Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

*beams* I got my copy!!

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I am being very good and have only looked at the first page so far. I tried not to flick through it too much in case I read too much halfway through. I brought snacks (just cheese doritos & honeycomb tea & vanilla coke) and if I can last until this afternoon, I'm going to curl up with it with one of the movies on in the background. Oh, happiness. It has been raining on & off today; I hope it will be raining again this afternoon. Mum said it was the perfect weather to be indoors reading a new book :D

My sister currently has all my HP books out, looking out the covers. I told her there were people dressed up in costume at the shops this morning, and she said she was glad she wasn't a fan. Poor thing doesn't know what she's missing ;)

{PS: the best costume I saw was this guy who looked exactly like Lucious Malfoy *swoon* I really wanted to take his picture, but I was too nervous to ask him, so I didn't :(
I think I am going to get dressed up for the release of the last book. It was a bit anti-climatic today; I saw the line outside Dymocks, and since I hadn't preordered it, hopped down to Big W where it was selling for $22. hehe.}