July 17th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

Hedwig !

This is a non Harry Potter post, I promise. Well, except for the fact I bring photos of my new laptop and his name is Hedwig (him? her? I still haven't decided, but I think he is a 'he'), which is the owl from Harry Potter. But that's the only reference I'll make!

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I need to get a proper mouse for him because the touchpad drives me a bit crazy; I've been using one of dad's for the time being. I've also been using FireFox for my web browser, and what the hell have I been doing going back to Explorer all this time?? I've since changed back over to Firefox on my main computer too. Next, to install Thunderbird for emailing (at least on the laptop; I won't bother changing over from Outlook Express on this computer since I won't be using it in a few months time).

Also I still need to install Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, as well as an FTP program. He came installed with Windows Media Player 10, which I'll stick with, but I'll need to install iTunes for Tink, my iPod. And my digial camera stuff... and if I ever get it, Sims 2 ;) All the essentials.

Well, I said this post would be HP free, but I never said it would be interesting, right? ;)