July 24th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

the sims

Last night, after my internet connection died for some reason, I decided to play The Sims instead. I went to install the Superstar Expansion pack, but there was a file missing, and the game wouldn't work. So I uninstalled it. And it uninstalled the WHOLE GAME. As in, the original Sims game & the other EP's & all my families & everything.

I'm not sure I can be bothered to even try again. I barely had enough patience the first time around to get things set up. Also I was most looking forward to playing the Superstar EP, but it's my own fault for using a burnt copy. I have 2 new EP's (Hot Date & Vacation) that have both only been played once, but it's not even worth selling them on ebay because there are so many already listed and none of them are going for very much at all. Gah.

I think I should have stuck to saving for Sims 2 instead.