August 1st, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

writing down the days

Days off from work are delicious.

I am actually in a writing mood today. I'm so happy about that; I was hoping that might be the case, seeing as it's Monday and usually my biggest writing urges come when I'm on my way to work. Because I'm silly, I actually considered driving out to work and then back again (even though work is 45 minutes away), hoping to trick my brain into thinking I had to work and therefore becoming creatively-motivated. Needless to say, I didn't actually do this, but I'm glad the creative bug hit anyway. I think.

Today is doing assignments for my long-neglected Writing School course; I have 2 to catch up on for the moment, and I'm ashamed at how long I've been putting these off for. I think I've done most of assignment 4 though (a short story, about 800 words) although I didn't really follow the steps outlined in the blueprint, and I'm sure the tutor will be able to tell.

I am a horrible procrastinator.

I slept in for far too long this morning (10:30am, which is late for me considering I normally wake up at 8 on weekends), and I'm hoping my evil headache from last night doesn't return. Otherwise, it would be nice for this day to go on forever. Mondays off are the best ♥

butterfly girl : where she goes when she


Okay, now I need some suggestions. I need to write an article of about 600 words for my writing course, following certain guidelines in terms of writing style. I need to choose a subject that interests me, involves some research, and consider who my audience is, and what my purpose is.

So, it's broad!! There are too many things to choose from yet nothing is springing to mind and I've been thinking about this all afternoon. The last article assignment I did for this course, I wrote about self-injury (which the tutor said was quite good for a first attempt which I was happy about as it was the first assignment :)), so this time I want to go for something a bit lighter.

Some things I've been thinking about are...
x. craft related - eg, the art of letter writing, the growth in the scrapbooking industry
x. zine related - eg, people taking the media into their own hands
x. travel related - eg, people taking gap years or more commonly now, career breaks

At the moment the career break themed article is standing out as the best possibility really, but none of them seem ideal.

This has been my problem of late; finding topics to write about. I feel like nothing I'm interested in right now is worth writing about. I mean, could I really get a 600 word, researched article about lipgloss? (just kidding, really).

I think I need to get away from the computer for awhile (my headache's come back) and back to the pen & paper. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated... ♥

{other possible topics I am thinking about, which may or may not fall into the category of being "lighter": homelessness in Adelaide, volunteering overseas, the existance of faeries... okay, I can't think of anything else right now. Grrrr).