August 18th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

getting better

I am feeling so much better today, it is sort of unbelievable. This time yesterday I felt like I was dying; today I have been able to get up, watch some dvds (I haven't been able to watch tv for nearly a week; my head was pounding so badly and my eyes were so sensitive to light for most of the time that apart from the odd visit online to check my email, staring at a screen was just plain bad news), cuddle my dogs, come online for more than 15 minutes. It feels like freedom. As opposed to sleeping all day and wanting to beat my head against the wall out of pain & frustration.

Tomorrow I think I will actually be well enough to get out of this house, to go out somewhere that's not the doctor's office. I have stuff to start preparing for going overseas, and I've been anxious thinking about them for the last week. I'm excited to finally do stuff instead of just thinking & dreaming about it. I'm tired of being sick. I am lucky; I am rarely sick, so I really notice it when I am.

{& giantessmess; thankyou so much for the worry doll. She is perfect, she really is right now ♥}

And these things have sustained me over the last week (I guess this is my version of the "10 things that bring you joy" meme that has been circulating, eg on riphertoshreds & snowcanwait's ljs): ♥ cuddles with Jedi ♥ strawberries ♥ chicken ♥ emails from R. ♥ ♥ comments & support from you lot ♥ &okay, I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure there was more. Anyway. The point is, I think I'm finally getting better, so hurrah.