October 3rd, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

travel update

hello from Nice; south of France. Really short update as I am having trouble adjusting to this keyboard, but just wanted to say hi! Tour is... well, the travel part is awesome, but I am struggling a bit with the group part for some reason... but anyway. I have to remember thats not the important part. We have so far been to PARIS, which I love; SWITZERLAND and the Swiss Alps where IT WAS SNOWING (first time I have seen snow fall!); AVIGNON, a quaint French town down South which was so very gorgeous, and now NICE, which I am about to go and explore. Tonight we go to MONACCO (Monte Carlo), and tomorrow we are off to FLORENCE to start a week in Italy.

So travel is wonderful. There are a few ¨buts¨in there, but I`ll save them for when I get home... Im okay though.

Off to explore Nice. Hope everyone is well.