October 18th, 2005

butterfly girl : where she goes when she

short travel update

Another quick post :) Am in Berlin right now, we leave here tomorrow for Amsterdam, the last place of our tour. This tour ends on Friday night, and I will be relieved for that, although I've definitely had some fun times while I've been away. Fell in love with Italian food and especially with Venice, which I definitely need to return to one day. Went white water rafting in Austria, and paragliding over St Johanns (also in Austria), both of which were amazing (well, except for the part where our raft flipped over in the river and I got trapped underneath). Was enchanted by Prague and all her magic, and captivated by Berlin's history and amazing mix of historic & contemporary architecture. This is such a short post, and I don't know if I could write enough to ever do these cities justice and describe what I saw, felt, believed, but travelling, oh, travelling is so wonderful. Even if this tour has been tough, the magic of these cities in Europe does more than make up for it.

I am back at Alex's this weekend again, so hopefully at some stage I will start to write a more comprehensive post about my travels and last month in Europe. But it's nice to check in and say hello.

Hope you are doing well (tell me how you've been?)