December 21st, 2005

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present ideas :X

I need last minute male-orientated present ideas.

I ordered this dvd set as part of Noel's present, this cartoon that I thought he used to love. Well I got an email yesterday from the online store saying it wouldn't be shipped in time for Christmas because it was out of stock, and I told him about that, and what the present was (I do have other things for him, that he doesn't know what they are). It turns out he actually hates the show. I must not have been listening to the conversation so well that day after all.

Anyway, so I cancelled that part of the order. The rest of my order, some cds & music dvds of bands he loves, arrived yesterday, so I have something, but I still need ideas and have no idea what else to get him.

It was only his birthday last month, I used up all my ideas on that :\

What did you get your boyfriends/husbands/brothers/male friends for christmas this year?

I'm terrible with buying presents for men.

My budget is about $50-$80.

... it was nice to think I had completed my christmas shopping :\