December 29th, 2005

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I came home from work last night and all the housework had been done while I was gone. My love had spent his day off scrubbing the floors, vacuuming, moving furniture around, doing washing, even bleaching the towels so they were nice & white again. The house practically sparkles. It's a shame it won't last as we have Millie & Ben staying with us now until Saturday, but, it was definitely nice while it lasted.

I felt very spoilt.

&my darling winterswitchery sent a beautiful package, with some things her gram made, that I'm giving to Millie tonight, and also some of Meg's artwork ♥ One day that girl will be a famous artist, and I'll get to say that I own original artwork of hers :) Oh, and that she is one of my dearest friends too :)

Noel & I hired War of the Worlds last night, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I didn't really like the ending though, I thought it was too abrupt and didn't really explain why the tripods went down/were defeated; or maybe I'm just unobservant (why does that word look like I spelt it wrong?) We also hired a bunch of other movies because we could get them all for $10, so Noel chose Sin City, and I chose Love Actually and Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. Haha, I am so intellectual. Also I discovered that the little corner shop we hired our dvds from has a fabulous collection of TV series dvds, including every season of Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Friends etcetc, and that during the summer holidays, we can rent any 10 discs for $10 for the week. I rarely watch TV at all, but I adore Friends, and wanted to watch Sex and the City (especially when chicmode would talk about it!), so I am a happy girl. Mindless indulgence, oh yes.

I am buying an international phonecard today from work so I can call aeval_arduina and winterswitchery this weekend; if anyone else would like me to call to say a quick "happy new year", let me know? Also please leave yr number in the box below, as I have left my old list at home somewhere, plus I know some of you have moved etc. I'm only buying a $10 card, but I worked out that I have 454 minutes talk time to the UK/US, so, I can afford to call a few of you if you want to hear my weird Aussie accent ;)

yr phone number? +country code please!

(um, is there any reason why my poll won't show up, or is it just me? if it's not working, email me yr number instead?)

PS: I'm in love with this journalling community: embodiment. It seems the perfect catalyst to get me back into paper journalling, I've not been so great with that although I've been getting better lately ♥