February 19th, 2006


full of love

It is so weird to be here on a Sunday night; Dad's away this weekend, Simon's flying out to Brisbane in about an hour, so I've come in to close up the shop tonight. I said they didn't have to pay me because Sundays = time & a half pay rate and it's an expense that the shop doesn't need right now. But Dad said they'd pay me, so I'm not going to argue about that :)

Is it really sad that I'm excited that I can pay my phone bill and still transfer the same amount of money to pay off my credit card with the extra pay?

&from Friday night, more drawings from Millie's "how to draw book", that I did whilst watching the winter olympics.

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&this weekend was the kids, drawing in Millie's room and making a paper playground for our paper characters to play on, going to the skate park and taking a million photos of the kids and Noel, Millie helping me to cook tea & dry the dishes, stealing my camera and taking photos of herself. I have a thousand cute Millie stories and even more memories, I wish I could wrap that girl up and keep her with me, all the time, because she is just so, so precious.

(oh, I know that makes me sound like a weird kidnapper or something but I promise, I'm not!)

But the best thing, that Noel told me in the car on the way to work tonight, I am glowing from it.
he said, "I was dropping the kids off this morning, and Millie was saying how I'm the best father, Ben was the best brother, and then she goes... and Jade is the best... - she thought about it for a bit - stepmother!".

And that, really, is the most wonderful thing of all, that she can view me in that way, and be so completely happy with it.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend too, starlings ♥