February 27th, 2006

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happy weekend

Oh, a fabulous weekend ♥

I am in love with my new car. I've named her Rain; I still need to take photos. She is lovely to drive, and oh, the freedom! It is really like having wings. I feel so spoilt.

The weekend was spent with Ben & Millie, playing in the playground with Millie (pretending to be unicorns this time!), making sandcastles and snowmen in the sandpit and burying our feet in the sand. It was going shopping with the family and getting some rollerblades that Noel wanted to buy me (but I insisted on paying for half at least, he spoils me terribly), and singing aloud to cds with Millie while she played with my Kurt Halsey pins (yourghosts, that made me think of you :)). Millie and I went to my Mum's place later in the afternoon so I could show off my car (and Millie could play with Jedi, our puppy whom I miss terribly), we turned up the radio and sang along, 2 girls off on a little adventure :)

She was so huggy this weekend, every time I turned around she was there, giving me a hug, or taking my hand, or clinging onto me. I didn't want to let her go.

We all played ball after dinner on Saturday night, Ben & Noel, Millie & I. It was the most fun I could have had on a Saturday night. Laughing so much our sides were hurting, over silly things and playing well until dark. The next morning Ben & Noel woke up early to go skateboarding, Millie and I stayed at home and painted pictures outside and watched Futurama episodes.

It was a beautiful weekend. I felt so happy, my heart so full of love for these amazing kids, and of course, for Noel, who treats me like a princess. My mind is full of happy memories.