March 30th, 2006

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♥ a package from wingedmuse was slipped inside our front door last night when we got home from work; inside was some gorgeous Hello Kitty colouring books and Hello Kitty stickers, for Millie. This touched me so much, my heart felt so warm. Thankyou so much Sarah, I am going to give them to her tonight (I know she will love them). The funny thing was that I had been looking for Hello Kitty colouring books to get her, for her birthday, and could not find any. So thankyou, x a million ♥

Scarlets Walk is on repeat on my computer cd player. I found my bootleg collection from that era, 2002/2003 shows, and they are heavenly. Speaking of Tori Amos, I got her new dvd, the video collection Fade to Red. I watch it, drinking chai tea and smiling, though her video clips are really nothing like I expected.

♥ I got photos printed out, finally, of Christmas and the kids. I'm making a mini 4 x 4 scrapbook of our first Christmas together, and I'm excited to start putting it together, tonight after Millie goes to bed. Yeah, I know it's nearly Easter already... :P

♥ There was some extra money in my bank account today, I checked and it was a bonus payment from my old work, the job I left in September last year. I rang the Payroll department to check (before I spent it and then was asked to pay it back), and it really is mine. A reimbursement for some fringe tax...thing, I'm not sure what exactly. It's not a lot of money, but it paid off my overdraft from this week, with a tiny bit left over. It is a nice feeling.

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