March 31st, 2006

birthday wishes

birthday wishes!

it's early (for you) but here it's right on time, and since I won't be here tomorrow anyway...
happy birthday angerfork !!

I know I am usually terrible with birthday wishes on here, but Tim's been a friend for so many years now, and his friendship and care has meant so much to me. Tim, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, no matter how you end up celebrating it! You are very special to me :)
baby doll faerie

family hearts

Dad & I were talking this morning and I was telling him about Ben's sporting commitments, and how it was taking up half our weekends; he laughed and reminded me about all the dancing and things I used to do when I was a kid, and how "when it takes up your WHOLE weekend, then you can come whinging to me". It was all in good humour, it reminds me though of that saying about kids being karma to their parents, or something like that. I said to Dad, "and why do we have kids?" and he said, "because sometimes they turn out like you".

*melts* I have the best Dad ever.

Millie was super adorable last night; wingedmuse, she LOVED the Hello Kitty books, immensely. She flipped through all the pages as soon as she opened the package, oohing and ahhing and looking over the puzzles & activites. Noel also had another present for her, a belated birthday present that I got off eBay for her - a Futurama dvd, that she loves. But the dvd was discarded to the side in favour of Hello Kitty all night :) She chose out pages for us both to colour in, sitting side by side together. Thankyou so much Sarah, we are both going to write you back :)

We also played faeries last night, this time our names were Rosie (mine) and Diamond (hers), and we played catchy, and ran around the backyard talking in accents. I love how she comes up with these things. I was teasing Noel that I was going to have icecream before I had dinner, with the kids (the kids have dinner at their mum's house on a Thursday night, and icecream at ours; Noel and I usually have a really quick meal that night, in between playing with the kids), and Millie wrapped her arms around me and said, "please Dad, let Jade have her icecream first!" So so cute. She also ran around before bedtime, hugging each of us and saying "I love you!"

I spent some money on scrapbooking supplies from ebay this afternoon; I need to document all these moments, splashes of colours and happiness, moments of my life immortalised for always on paper. just remembering how we were...