July 3rd, 2006

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Oh. I think I found a place to live. It's 2 tube stops away from work, small but the room is quite large (larger than any bedroom I've ever had before, and that includes the one I share with Noel), and the house is clean, and the flatmates I met are nice. I felt instantly comfortable with the girl who was showing me around, and that's always a good sign. There are a few things that make it not quite perfect, but it has everything that was on my "must have" list, plus it's within my budget. I know to have standards, but I also know not to miss out on an opportunity when it passes through.

Besides, the minimum contract is only 3 months, so even if the imperfections become a big problem, how bad can it really be?

I'm not sure yet when I can move in, as the room is meant to be occupied until the 21st of July, but the girl living there wants to move out earlier, so hopefully we can work something out. I'm booked into this hostel in London until Sunday, though maybe I can extend it if it's not booked out by then; we'll see. As far as hostels go, it's actually really nice. But I miss Russ, and I feel a bit lonely here. Thank goodness for my co-workers. They make me smile, and help me with my househunting, and I feel far less alone here in the big city than I did this morning.

But, I have a place to live now, well, sometime this month, and I think it will help me immensely in feeling more grounded here. I am still crossing my fingers that my job will be extended past August, but I think it seems hopeful. I'm trying not to feel so overwhelmed right now, but sometimes it's hard. But I'll be okay.

{love to you all, for all your support ♥}