August 30th, 2006

emilie autumn // seductive


For some reason, I was in a bad mood walking home tonight after work, I'm really not sure why though. But I was immediately cheered up when I got home and found this waiting for me:

My many-months-ago-preordered copy of Emilie Autumn's new EP "Opheliac", that I had given up on ever receiving (there were all sorts of dramas with the shipping of the EP etc), plus an autographed poster and this adorable handwritten note:

Swoon. I really did think my copy had been lost, so this is the best surprise.

(Also today was very much mail love, as I picked up a package from home of some clothes, plus I got a letter from the fabulous turnedoffneon who's mail always inspires me, and an ebay order of Hello Kitty stationery {ahem, it's a bad addiction!}. I have a million letters of my own to write and send out, but I promise, I will do that soon! Mail love is always so wonderful ♥)