December 1st, 2006

peaceful // serenity

Cooling improv (Tori)

I know you're gone
from this time
from this world
I know that you're gone
and not coming home
I know I can't
pay me a psychic
to get you back
I know you're gone
but I feel you on
every sunset
on every plane
I know you're gone
but sometimes
I feel like
you're on my shoulder
you're on my knee

Cooling, with improv (29-11-2002 live show) - Tori Amos

This song has always been a comfort, now it means more than ever. Listening to it on the plane back home with tears streaming down my face, in my room in London on my last night there, here in the office while I was still in disbelief that Dad was gone. Well I still am in disbelief, perhaps I always will be because when the phone rings, when I hear a car in the driveway, I always think that maybe it will be him, but it never is. But this improv is so beautiful, it feels so perfect and real.

My sister got a tattoo last week with 'Love you Dad' written on it. And my uncle got one a few weeks before that. I'm still deciding what to get for mine.