December 2nd, 2006

computer stuff

for marissa, abby & meghan:

I am finally changing webhosts for my domain (after a year of saying I would); the new host said they would be able to transfer everything over including files, databases, emails etc, but if there are any problems with your accounts, please let me know. I've screened comments in case I need to ask for your passwords again, but fingers crossed it should all be okay. I'm backing everything up anyway, but let me know if I need to reinstall or reinstate anything for you.

maybe one day

(no subject)

Taking a break for awhile.

(Yes, I have listened to everything you have said recently, and I'm sorry if I sound harsh or cold; but this is my life and no-one else is living it except me. These are my decisions, my feelings, my thoughts & fears, and I am doing the best that I can and trying to work through things as I am able to right now. But none of you are in this life, in this skin, so how can I blame you for not being able to understand? I just need to work things out right now.)

if you need/want to be in touch --> jade @ faerywinged . org
I'll still be reading but you don't have to keep me on your lists if you don't want.
I'll be back one day I'm sure, but take care all.