March 10th, 2007

lace skirts & petticoats

reasons to smile

Tonight I am content.

♥ 3 day weekend!
♥ spending the day shopping, finding a new top for work in the exact colour I wanted, and also my favourite Dior lipgloss, in a shade I thought I couldn't get anymore
♥ spending Friday night with my 2 best friends (including sparkleoflife)
♥ being in love
♥ really enjoying the new work that I'm doing, and finally being certain of what I want to do
♥ having an amazing boyfriend who skateboards into town for me to pick up the issue of US Vogue that I've been looking out for, for weeks (the 600+ page March issue)
♥ Millie's 8th birthday next week!
♥ beautiful letters from friends, that I am trying to reply to now