March 29th, 2007

scribblings in notebooks

happy work things

I am really happy and excited. My permanent job here at the engineering company (that I've been working at since I got back from London, the job that the agency found me within 2 days of asking them to find me work!) is official as of next Monday. I get my Letter of Offer today (though I've already seen it & had discussions about salary etc), and I am very pleased because my salary is higher than anything I've earnt before, and better than I was expecting it would be.

It is the strangest feeling; to have a job you actually like, AND be getting paid well for it? And this is just to start off, they said. I can't wait to begin studying, get qualified. I feel like I can finally stop feeling like a fuckup, like I actually have some direction now. I am aiming to be a qualified accountant by the time I'm 30, to be on a 6-figure salary by the time I'm 40. It is very possible, and I will work my arse off to make this happen.

I am going to move back in with Noel very soon too ♥