September 28th, 2007

tori performing

"see the colours changing" - review of Tori's Sydney show, 24/09/07

Sydney was our last show for our Tori tour - it was a bittersweet time. We stayed in a gorgeous apartment in the middle of the Sydney CBD (within walking distance of plenty of wonderful shops!), and the weather was gorgeous. On Monday, the day of the show, thebluebells, Noel & I walked down to Circular Quay, to the Sydney Opera House for another hopeful Meet & Greet. After having a gorgeous lunch at an outdoor cafe, we got to the stage door around 2:30, where about 30 people were already gathered. I love meeting other Tori fans, especially names I recognise from the forums - also we met the wonderful person who had taped Saturday night's Brisbane show, so we got to thank him in person for doing so.

Tori came out just before 4pm, it was very rushed as by that time there were over 50 people in line to see her, and Smitty wanted to wrap things up at 4:30. But we all did get a chance to see her and talk to her - she gave me a big hug, and called me a jewel, and still I am in disbelief at how human she is. It's amazing to stand right next to her, this wonderful person who has inspired me and given me so much strength over the years. I can't really describe it, I just have so much respect for her and her loyalty to her fans, the way she is as a person.

The show! Oh, the show was another amazing one. Clyde opened the set, which was wonderful as we got to see a different doll every night. She started with Bouncing off Clouds which is one of my favourite openers of her shows, then Little Earthquakes, Juarez which was amazing with the band, Rattlesnakes, and Beauty of Speed which I adored hearing live. The lighting was fantastic during this set, and we had such good seats - 4th row, very close to the centre.

After the Professional Widow interlude, Tori came out with Big Wheel, God and then Space Dog, another song I love with the band. She introduced the band and then did this adorable improv for the guitarist (Dan Phelp)'s brother Gary, who had flown in from the States. Next was Cornflake Girl (always a staple in Tori's shows this tour), then she performed Mother Revolution, which I think was a debut - it sounded gorgeous ♥ Caught a Lite Sneeze was next and was beautiful - I was thrilled to hear this one. But then she followed with Cloud on my Tongue which is definitely one of my favourite Tori songs, so I was even more thrilled to hear that one. Landslide came after, which I think she does beautifully (but according to the setlist our friend got after the show, she was actually meant to play Gold Dust instead...! Now that would have been a highlight, but nevermind. Hopefully on the US tour...?)

The band came back on after her 2 solos, and performed Digital Ghost and then Spark and Code Red. The encores were Precious Things, Secret Spell, Pancake and Hey Jupiter. Oh, bittersweet night. It is funny; Hey Jupiter was the very first Tori song I fell in love with, 10 years ago now, and it was the last song I heard her play live. Things come full circle sometimes, and I like that.

Apparently there were some sound issues on the night, but I have to admit I didn't notice. I think we had the best seats at this show than any of the other shows, being 4th row AND close to the centre - I had a wonderful view of Tori the whole night. Her energy when she performs just astounds me every time. People at work ask if she plays the same show all the time, and it's hard to describe how amazing she is, that she never plays the same setlist like most bands do. I don't know if I could ever get sick of seeing her perform, of listening to her music live. There is just something about sitting in a theatre, listening to her perform these songs just metres away after years of listening to cds and finding so much strength in her lyrics. It's like an elixir, filling my bones with something golden and warm.

I am so sad this whole thing is over (for us), but I had the most amazing time. I got to spend all that time with Noel and thebluebells, 2 of the greatest people ever, and meet loads of other wonderful people. There is still the whole US leg of her tour which means plenty of bootlegs to download and listen to, and I have such amazing memories, that I will never forget. I feel so very blessed that I got to do this, and if I don't ever get to see her perform again, I am very happy that I got to have these experiences.

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