November 15th, 2007

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holiday season

I am actually looking forward to Christmas and the holiday season this year. Last year, obviously, was far too painful and I barely wanted to acknowledge the holidays and everything we had lost; but I am feeling much more hopeful this year, and trying to look ahead.

This year has been one of looking forward.

Noel & I are hosting Christmas lunch at our place this year; it's the first time I've cooked a Christmas lunch myself, and I'm very excited. Though Noel has already warned me about going overboard (who, me?) but I am excited to decorate and cook and have family over for a small celebration. We are not sure yet if Millie and Ben will be there (we might have Christmas dinner with them instead, depending on what their other family plans are), but I am crossing my fingers that they will. Otherwise it's just my immediate family (Noel's family all live interstate, but his sister is coming down to stay afterwards), but that's okay too.

What are some of your favourite things to eat at Christmas, or favourite things to bake? I have a few ideas already, a summer lunch spread.

&also, Christmas cards! I am going to try and send some out this year, so I thought I should start collecting addresses, just in case:

Poll #1088765 holiday cards

name & address?

what holiday (if any) do you celebrate?

Or you can email me if you like ( jade at faerywinged dot org).