February 16th, 2008



My boyfriend is the best. I mentioned a dream I had where a friend & I were volunteering at Australian Fashion Week this year (it's industry only, but accept volunteers for the week, in Sydney), and he said he would actually like to do that too. So we might apply to be volunteers for this year's fashion week (whenever it is) - it would be awesome. Hard work, but awesome.

I love that Noel watches Project Runway with me and reads my Vogue magazines, and actually wants to volunteer with me at fashion week. I don't think I could have found a more perfect match :)

I have been paying a lot of attention to the New York and London Fashion Weeks this month; I am going through the collections and storing pictures of my favourites here: (New York Fashion Week ; London Fashion Week), though I'm a bit behind and have a lot more collections to look through. I have started a new scrapbook too, of my favourite designs, photo shoots, editorials, some just for the amazing fashion photography. It makes me happy.

Tonight I am completely indulging in guilty tv, and watching episodes of Australia's Next Top Model 3 on YouTube and writing letters. The show is completely trashy, but I still enjoy it. haha. If you're waiting for a letter from me, I am finally starting to catch up! It's so nice to have time to write again.