June 20th, 2008

cassie :: dreamy ; magic ; wow

"what do you plan to do with all your freedom?"

I had my last exam for the semester this afternoon, and now I'm on a break from uni for a month. It feels like I am returning to the land of the living. I am actually looking forward to returning to work next week; I'm rather sick of my own company this week, as I've been hunched over my desk studying (though probably not as much as I should have). I am definitely ready for some free time.

Things I am planning to do this month:
x. Continue writing the stories I have started; I am trying to write 2 books at the moment, and would really like to get a lot more done this month. I've missed creative writing
x. Catch up on writing letters, always something that falls to the backseat during the semester
x. Spend time with Noel, hopefully we are going to go away one weekend when we don't have the kids and just have some alone time together (very much needed)
x. Finish reading some of the many books I have started (if I can finish at least 4 books that would be fab :])
x. Finish watching the Season 2 of Skins, though I must admit I only watch it for the Cassie scenes
x. Spend time with Jess and catch up with other friends
x. Learn to cook a few more different meals
x. Work on some of my journals/scrapbooks
x. Start reading Tarot cards again

... too many things get neglected during the semester.

I need inspiration, and pretty things right now.