July 13th, 2008

not quite alice

"you always loved the smell of the wood burning"

Noel & I just got back from a weekend away in the country. It was so lovely & relaxing, just what we needed; I'm not used to sitting down with a book, in front of a warm wood-fire and just reading, without doing 5 other things at once. I read most of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister this weekend, and worked on my own story; we took our laptops with us, and dubbed it a "writers weekend", though I read more of other people's words than composing my own. But the point of the weekend was to get away from the real world for a couple of days and relax, and we did just that.

I always love the fact that Noel packs more than I do when we go away.

I have some 12-hour days to do at work this week, and then uni starts back up again the Monday following, so I'm sorry if it seems like I am never around. It's that time thing, as always, but I'm trying to keep up.