January 29th, 2009

thoughtful ; daydreaming

"they told you your music could reach millions"

The Ani concert last night was FANTASTIC. I loved it so much; she had so much energy & was absolutely amazing to watch & listen to live. Our front row seats were so good; we were right in front of her! She played so many fabulous songs - Shy, Alla This, Present/Infant, Napolean, Red Letter Year, November 4 (!! I was so happy she played that one especially), Untouchable Face, The Atom... and in between almost every song she talked to the audience, sharing random stories & memories & comments about the heat (!) Her music is so incredible live and she is so gorgeous & warm & just amazing.

It was the type of show where the lyrics & the drum beats & the energy from the stage get into your veins, and makes you feel alive. As though as long as you had that moment, nothing could hurt you again.

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oh, leave me here surrounded
by everything that's real
far outside the boundaries
of the digitized ordeal
leave me here awake
leave me here to heal