scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

"I'm in love with Vienna...."

This has been one busy weekend.

The Opera is officially finished. And I'm actually quite sad about it, although at the same time, a little relieved. I knew I'd be relieved when it was done, simply because it was beginning to take up so much of my time. But in saying that... maybe that's why I'm sad about it ending too. After all, I've been working in this production since January. Shows like that always grow on you.. and now it's finished. In our last show on Sunday, as we sang each song, I kept thinking, "this is the last time I'm going to be singing this song". The adrenaline was amazing. In one of the songs - my favourite, "Love is a Waltz" - the audience started clapping before we'd even finished.

For so long, I couldn't wait for this show to be over. And now that it's over... I'm sad for it. I'm glad to have my Wednesday nights and Friday nights back, but I'll miss the people, I'll miss the songs, I'll miss the general feel of being IN a show. And it's moments like that, which reminds me of exactly why I love the theatre... after all the tears and worries, and all the hard work... seeing how it affects the audience just makes it all worth it.

After almost every show, I had people - strangers from the audience - come up to me and say to me that I looked beautiful on stage, that they thought I did great. It was very touching... after all, I was only a little chorus girl. But I made some sort of impact on people, enough for total strangers to tell me so. That is an amazing feeling.

As soon as the curtain closed after the final bow and song, I started crying... just the realisation that it was all really over. I'm going to miss those people, surprisingly. I'm not going to audition for the next show that SALOS are doing, because of "Noises Off", but they've told me to come back and do another show, sometime. Maybe I'll go back for the Christmas show at the end of the year. That could be fun.

Funny how for so long I just wanted it to be done with, and now that it is, I'm really going to miss it.

I'm getting a copy of the video that one of the guys was making. So a little piece of Vienna will always be in my heart....


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