scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

theatrical ambitions

Last night, Kate, Kate's exboyfriend Russ (whom they are good friends, and we get along well too), and I went to see an amateur version of the musical Chicago. As far as amateur theatre goes, it was pretty good. But it made me want to sing and dance all the more. All I craved was to be on that stage, and doing what I love best.

There was a time, this time last year and the months before, when I came to a conclusion of sorts that behind the stage was where I belonged - that directing, producing was what I wanted to do, and that there was no need to be a part of the action at the front. Now I know that's not true - there is no place for me to be behind the scenes, I need to be out there, and just... being a part of the show.

I rang up some more performing arts schools in QLD and in NSW yesterday to send me out some information packages about their courses. I hope they come soon, because then I can start to consider this possibility of following my dream.


Oh yes. I saw Phil last night too, first time since the cast party. Funny how that doesn't seem so important anymore. Boys? Pffft.

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