scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


apologies for last night's little outburst.

after spending 7 hours discussing suicide + intervention at Lifeline, and then going into work to stocktake, my disposition wasn't the greatest. all the stresses of the last week seemed to pile on top of me, and all i could think was that i couldn't take anymore demands. At that point in time, even getting notify messages in my email about new journal entries was too much of a demand to handle. so, apologies. it was nothing personal.

tomorrow is a 15 hour shift at work for stocktake, and i'm just hoping that it will go okay. i'm wearing crazy red dance pants and a bindi on my forehead since we don't have to wear uniform; just because i'm tired of blending in all the time. Kate calls it a "statement", although i'm not quite sure what of. Maybe I'm just tired of work telling me what to do all the time.

more to say, but right now, sleep is needed. i don't think i've ever worked a 15 hour shift before, so i'm going to need all the energy i can get. still, working with my favourite people ought to be some sort of reprieve. What amuses me right now is that at every stocktake for the last few years, i've always had an interesting guy story or dilemma to talk about on the Monday, but this year seems to be the exception. I think people find my sagas somewhat amusing, just because i can make anything seem [overly]dramatic, but alas, on my last stocktake at this store, i've failed to come up with anything worthwhile.

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