scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

this whole open sky

last week: still being sick, crying in the park, missing home, friends, Russ, "what am I even doing here?" unadjustment at it's best and I thought that I don't belong...

Saturday, I moved into my new place in the East part of the city, and it's wonderful. in a strange way, it feels like i've come home. The pieces are falling into place, but it's just taken time. I said to Russell last night that it felt like I'd been given wings at the time I left Adelaide, but whilst staying with my uncle, so far away from where I needed to be, they'd been clipped back. Then when I moved into my own place, suddenly I was free to fly, the world opened up, and this whole open sky was mine. And suddenly... I wasn't so scared. I wasn't falling anymore.

My new housemates, Jane and Patrick, are fantastic. Sometimes you can just click with people and get along well with them and feel comfortable with them, and that's how I feel with these two. It's all very easy, no stress, no fuss. The house is wonderful: small, but sweet, and with some extra furnishings, it's going to look great. Perhaps it's just so exciting because its the first place I've lived in away from home, but nonetheless, I'm happy there. And happiness is something I wanted to so much while I was here, but I thought it would take some time to find.

And oh so many fantasic dance classes, music classes, agents, singing lessons surround me. I start a musical theatre class this Thursday night, and it feels amazing to get back into it all again.
Things are going to work out here. I can just feel it.

Uni started today, and I had my first lecture: "Theatre History: 20th Century Stages", and it's wonderful, wonderful.
Everything is making sense again.
Those purple wings are making me soar, or maybe it's just the song in my heart.

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