scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


more positives! [it's so much nicer to see the sunlight rather than the shadows]

+ finding sheet music at Allans for Saturday's audition [Even When I'm Sleeping by Leonardo's Bride]
+ spending time talking with Kelly, Dan, and Sonia at uni today - the feeling of starting new friendships is always wonderful
+ researching Fiona Apple for an assignment and becoming more & more determined not to give up
+ supportive emails & messages from friends back home [thankyou for not forgetting me] - especially you Sarah! [will reply soon]
+ Russell's funny email tonight when I got home from uni
+ knowing that people are out there, trying to help me get through this situation and helping with options for the Centrelink issue + work issue

Tomorrow I have casting agency photos to be taken, and I'm a little nervous... eeek. I still need to figure out what to wear. Pat tells me that I take a good picture, but professional pictures just seem more intimidating than yr usual Kodak point-and-click photos on a sunny day. Still, I just need to remember to have fun with this, because photos taken when you're trying to be serious or trying to pose as something yr not never work out properly.

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