scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

someone to watch over me

my day started beautifully - finding a picture of an angel in my inbox that Russell sent me, with the sweetest message to go along with it. awww :)

i really miss all my friends back home with now. i talked to Kristy earlier on tonight, and received emails today from other good friends that i've been missing, telling me the latest gossip and so on. it made me lonely for them - i'll get to see most of them when i go home in 5 weeks or so, but right now, that feels just so far away. i'm happy being up here in queensland and doing the stuff i love, but lately all my dreams have contained people from back home, and it makes me wake up a little sad for them.

it's okay though. tomorrow i get to meet cooling, and i just know she's going to be a beautiful person. i'm talking to more people at uni these days, and sometimes, when i'm laughing with my housemates about random events, laughing so hard our faces hurt, i wonder how i could ever be lonely here.
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