scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

its like this craving in my heart

i started singing lessons today - group lessons, not quite what I was looking for, yet it's a start, nonetheless. when you can't afford $25 for private lessons, once a week, you really can't be picky when you're in desperate need of some sort of basic singing tuition. besides, it's nice to be singing again. my focus since i've been up here has been so much on dance, but i need to remember that i'm up here for all the performing arts. so i'm cutting back a little on some aspects of dance (no more musical theatre; it wasn't really teaching me much anyway), and doing more in singing, and when i come back from adelaide in october with my guitar, finally learning how to play. i've had an accoustic for so many years, and if i'm serious about writing my own songs (which i've started doing again - always an on-off habit), i really need to know how to play it properly, and how to work out chord structures, that sort of thing.

i went to see this musical on Thursday night, that the uni's student musical guild was putting on. i was in awe of how professional it seemed, and as i sat in the audience waiting for the lights to come down, i felt a thrill run down my back, and this part of me just longed to be back stage again. it took me back so far, to all the other productions that i've worked on, remembering the way it felt to be behind the curtain, anxious for it all to begin, hoping that everything would come together (the way it never seemed to in rehearsals), and in all that time, i just craved to be doing that again. being in the audience watching that show, just evoked something in me that i can't explain; but a longing, a needing of having a creative input into a production again. one of my lecturers describes these experiences as being "asthetic", and now i know what he means. i was talking to a girl in the audience that night who was involved in the musical guild last semester, and she said she was going to email me the contact details of the guy who runs it, so here's to hoping that she does. i'd love to be involved.

i really miss certain people right now. but it's okay. Pat & I are off to see "Mr Deeds" tonight, and even though i know i should be doing this essay plan, sometimes you just need to forget about the things you should be doing, and just enjoy the moment you're in.

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