scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

lift the wings that carry me away from here

46 hours to go, and counting. I'm really excited to go home; its been nearly 3 months since I moved up here, and the thought of seeing all my friends and family again is something I've been looking forward to for ever so long. Tomorrow will be packing and finishing off my Creative Industries assignment (which luckily, is very nearly done anyway); yet in a bizarre way, it feels like some sort of surreal dream to be going back home again. Nice, but surreal. I have this feeling that these 13 days are going to go by so quickly, but I don't want to think about it. I remember when Russell came up here last month, and I kept thinking about how this would end soon and he would be going back home. It didn't really make things any easier. I'm determined not to cry every day like I did then.

There was a cd sale on in the city, and I picked up copies of both David Campbell's albums (Australian musical theatre singer who I've been dreaming of marrying for a number of years. Oh yes, and Jimmy Barnes' son, although their music styles really couldn't be more different) and the Riverdance soundtrack, all for only $18. Sweet. I also brought vanilla incense cones, and strawberry lipbalm from the Body Shop. Someone really needs to take my bankcard away from me. Ealier today I brought my demi-pointes from the dance shop, and had the lady exclaim over how small my feet were. She wasn't really sure about how to fit ballet shoes, which worried me somewhat, but these ones are fine. They're so shiny and new looking; I'm taking them home with me to get my mum to sew on the ballet ribbons since I'm so uncoordinated with that sort of thing. And besides, she did such a great job with my pointe shoes ;) I don't have any dancing on this week before I leave since it's school holidays, and I feel lazy.

I got an assignment back at uni today, and found that I got a high distinction for it, so naturally, I'm a happy girl. Its always nice to find that the work you've put into an assignment has paid off. However, right now all I can really think about is going home, seeing everyone again, and, just for a couple of weeks, remembering the times we had before I was so set on escape. Sometimes I wonder if I was so crazy to pack up and leave so quickly, but deep down, I know I've done the right thing. It just gets hard to remember.

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