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I've been home now for a little over 2 days, and it's wonderful :)
I've spent so much time catching up with old friends, and it's amazing how it seems like I've never left. With friends from work, I've had the ability to just walk back into the store, and pick up conversations as though I only saw them yesterday, and that just feels amazing to me. Everyone, both work and non-work friends, are so welcoming, and I'm having the greatest time seeing them all again.
It's been an incredibly social few days. I love it. It's going to be hard to leave again, but I'm so lucky in knowing that these people will always be around when I come back again.

And now, a recap of what's been happening the last few days!

Wednesday night: arrived in Adelaide! This was beyond exciting. The plane trip seemed to take forever, probably because I was so impatient to just be there. And as I was counting down the minutes, an announcement was made that we were being delayed by 10 minutes, which only added to my impatience. Normally I love plane trips, but after waiting so long to finally come home, I didn't want to wait any longer. However, the plane finally got to Adelaide close yr eyes and let the cold night air brush yr face... and know that at last, you are home and Russell was there to pick me up :) He took me home, and I finally got to see my family, after nearly 3 months.

Thursday: went to my old work place and saw so many of my old friends there, which was just amazing. Saw "Lilo and Stitch" with my sister, which wasn't bad, but was a little disappointing, for Disney. Went to Russell's place. Went to the shops and met Sarah to go shopping. Got picked up by Russell and went for a drive ;)

Friday: watched some of "Lord of the Rings" DVD that I've been hanging out to watch ever since Mum told me she'd brought it for me when I came home :) Went to Russell's place. Met up with friends from work for drinks at a bar which was fun, then went to see a friend star in a play, "Brave", of which was innovative and different. Lejla, I'm proud of you! :)

Today: went out for breakfast for Kristy's birthday with some of our friends. Soon - going to Paula's place for a footy party because of the AFL Grand Final. I'm not a football fan in the least, but the atmosphere of Grand Final's is always somewhat exciting, and plus, its another chance to spend time with work friends. Then tonight is chinese at Glenelg with the work girls.

So already this has been an amazing time. It feels weird to be back, but in that good way. It's always good to have a holiday, and especially better when you're surrounded by such wonderful people who welcome you back with such open arms.

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