scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

I'm slowly going crazy with studying for my exams right now. Yesterday was a productive day right from the start, but something seems to be off today. I took a break before to walk down to the shops to buy Cosmo (because I figured I deserved something mindless to read for a bit), and that seems to have helped a little, but I'm feeling like I'm just not going to learn all this stuff in time. Oh the joys of being a uni student still.

I'm currently downloading Monsters Inc from kazaa right now, and I'm actually not sure why when I'm going to be back home in 9 days and my sister has it on dvd. Also I could just go down to the video store and hire it, but I'm too broke for that. Nevermind the fact I probably won't even have time to watch it before I go home in between studying for exams and packing and dance classes, but that's not the point. I think I'm just excited for realising that I can actually download videos on to here. Yeah, took me long enough, but I never claimed to be all technology-savvy or anything.

A friend from uni, Sarah, might be able to help me get a job next year when I come back from Adelaide. Something like data entry or answering phones, and you've no idea how excited that makes me feel, to know that perhaps getting a job won't be such a mean feat after all. I only want something small and dinky just to earn a little extra money than what Centrelink is giving me, but I know with my availability (or lack thereof) and all the extra activities I'll be involved in come 2003 (dance classes, Uni musical group, hopefully working with the Children's theatre again, etc), finding a job was not going to be easy.

Then again, I don't even want to think about it until next year. I keep making the mistake of thinking about things way before I need to, and thus stressing myself out months in advance. This can't be good and I'm needing to learn how important it is to just live for the moment. Still, I can take back home a small piece of relief from my conversation with Sarah today. That's gotta help.

I have 3 hours until my next dance class tonight. And I am really, really tired. I'm sure all this studying can't be good for you, really.

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