scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

things to achieve by February 2003

+ earn enough money working at Rebel to pay for all car bills and dance lessons for 2003
+ catch up with as many friends as possible including work friends, drama friends, old school friends
+ stay in touch with everyone here in Qld, especially Jane, Pat, Kelly, Beck, and Sarah
+ figure out what exactly I want out of this course
+ watch Fight Club with Russell
+ become more flexible (aiming for splits in all 3 directions!)
+ colour my hair (hopefully this will be first weekend back)
+ do my Christmas shopping early (by the first week of December? heh, maybe)
+ get a new mobile phone when old contract runs out
+ drive up to Loberthal to see the Christmas lights
+ perfect my pirouettes, both on flat and on pointe (double pirouttes if possible)
+ perfect developes and other 90degree leg raising exercises
+ make this relationship with Russell work

I can't believe there's only 1 more day before I go back home for the summer. It's kinda of unreal. I'm going to miss being up here, but I'm awfully excited about going home for so long. Hopefully I can work out a lot of things so when I come back again next year, things won't feel quite so unstable again.

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