scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

trying to taste heaven

vanilla coke and chocolate chip cookies save me today.

gah. last day off before working right through until christmas. the next 6 days are going to be hell, although past experience has shown that i will, indeed, get through this next week, even with a smile on my face. and this is a self-motivating talk that i've been giving myself for the past 3 years, so whats to say that anything will be different this time around? thank god the end is near.

so last night we went to Rhetts for drinks with some of the people from work, and it was relaxed and very low-key, which was perfect. tonight Mia and i are off to see Kristy's choir performing a repertoire of christmas carols, and after missing carols by candlelight the other night, i'm in the mood for some christmas spirit. speaking of which, i wonder if Russell would be up for going to loberthal tomorrow night? don't mind me, just thinking out aloud.

i need to make a new layout for this, but the graphics program on this computer doesn't work.


as a side note, i'm really, really in the mood to be wearing faerie wings right now. maybe i should. because escapism is never a bad thing, not on a day like today.

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