scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

&random, for what else is there to say?

i've become quite the obsessed fan with the two towers.
say no more, really. who wants to come with me to see it a third time?

i got a new mobile phone yesterday (a nokia 3315), and as i can admit that i can't live without my mobile phone, this makes me happy. i'm a slave to technology, but aren't we all?
my welcome note as i switch on the phone reads " precious..." ahh, hooray for gollum. now, off to find a ringtone to suit!


thankgod, this is my last week at work. only 3 more shifts, and then, if all goes to plan, no more Rebel! and i say, "if all goes to plan", because you never do know what's going to happen. i'd hate to get all my expectations up and then realise that fate is allowing me to spend even more time there. no thankyou, 3 years was quite enough.
if i get through this week without wanting to kill any customers it will be a miracle.

on a nicer note, i spent an hour talking to a friend from queensland last night, talking to my housemates the night before, and having a good chat with Marianne also. and tonight i get to stay at Russell's, and as the night seems to bring fear and loneliness in my mind of late, this is a very good thing.
and Sarah T. is going to call me tonight about a possible job up in queensland...... but that's all i'm gonna say right now.
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