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09 January 2003 @ 07:34 pm
just when you about give up hope, there's always a candlelight somewhere in the distance.

just before i started work today, i received a phone call from my agent up in queensland. i signed up with the agency when i first moved to brisbane, but never really heard anything from her, so i began to not expect anything from it. but today she rang me up to tell me about auditions for dancers, at jupiters casino on the gold coast. incidentally, the auditions are at the beginning of february, so i'll even be back in time.

so what do ya know. i begin to give up hope about the future, but maybe not all is lost after all. maybe i shouldn't be so quick to give up my dreams.
rosablanca on January 9th, 2003 01:23 am (UTC)
Don't give them up...

I'm happy that you're seeing the light again.

Just a Girlsoliloquy01 on January 9th, 2003 01:56 am (UTC)
you can do it, good luck :]!
poisonedbelle on January 9th, 2003 03:04 am (UTC)
good luck with them xxx x x
(and yay! for the center stage icon!)
delicatewings on January 9th, 2003 03:07 am (UTC)
hi hope i'm not intruding, but you added me as a friend so i decided to return the favor. thanks btw. :) hope we can become good friends through LJ and just want to say that you're right. you shouldnt' be so quick to give up on anything. life is too short to do that. live while you can. and live to the fullest.

violet stars falling from a winter skysilentsea on January 9th, 2003 03:20 am (UTC)
so what do ya know. i begin to give up hope about the future, but maybe not all is lost after all. maybe i shouldn't be so quick to give up my dreams.

that's the right way to go hon! I'm sorry i haven't ben around much lately! I missed you a lot! ♥

jessicaskitzjez on January 9th, 2003 04:26 am (UTC)
this may be completely wrong, i dont know, but if you are not going to back to queensland to do the course, is it possible to still audition and dance and sing or whatever in adelaide. i mean, i know the course is in adelaide but the arts are popular so surely you can combine 'home' with the arts by staying in adelaide, moving out, and still dancing? i mean, the great thing about the arts is that to achieve you need more than a degree, you need talent, and if you have the talent then you can succeed on some level without the degree
amesfabuleuxamelie on January 9th, 2003 06:01 am (UTC)
yay for you jadey. i bet you feel a bit happier with some direction. i've just now been reading your last few entries as i've only just returned to the world of livejournal, but i hope this decision makes you happier. it's always a little reassuring to be pointed in some direction, so you have some idea of where and why you go. good luck, love and support you always sweetheart. x ames.
starlin on January 9th, 2003 07:26 am (UTC)
mmm wonderful!

that's what i like to think. one snap of the fingers and you can do a full 360, or at least a 180, and everything is differentgood. <3
solaced on January 9th, 2003 07:27 am (UTC)
don't ever give up on them..."never stop dreaming, for out of such fragile things come miracles."
good luck! ;) *hugs*
beautiful messbeautiful_mess_ on January 9th, 2003 07:33 am (UTC)
eeek! jade! sweetie!!! that's awesome, I wish you all the luck in the world. *hugs*
Nickyolliekitty on January 9th, 2003 08:00 am (UTC)
whoo hoo!!!
Good luck to you! That's awesome! I hope it goes well for you!

I just had an important audition myself last night and though I was sick it went very well!

By the way- center stage rocks! Never give up your dreams!
pinkluckdragon on January 9th, 2003 09:43 am (UTC)
meep! :) xx
hearts streaked across the skieslikeyesterday on January 9th, 2003 10:11 am (UTC)
never lose sight of what your heart dreams of. <3.
Effortlessly Controversialmoonborn on January 9th, 2003 11:53 am (UTC)
follow your bliss, whether it's up or down (or side to side squiggly).
*: yay!wannabeflapper on January 9th, 2003 04:01 pm (UTC)
Ooooh that's so exciting!!
A sign, perhaps? ;)
Who knows... I always look for "signs" in everything but hey.