scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


so today was my last day at Rebel, and i'm actually kinda sad about it. not sad to be out of retail or away from the endless procedures and pointless policies that come with any job, but sad to leave the people there. after all, they've been an amazing support over the last 3+ years that i've been working there (minus the time i was living in queensland last year), and even though i know that true friends stay with you no matter where you are, i'll be sad to not have an excuse to see them on a day to day basis. bittersweet day.

i was so lucky to find myself in a part-time job where i've come away with real friends. it's part of the reason why going back to queensland will be so hard, knowing the friendships i've solidified over the last couple of months. it's not the same over distance, but at least i know that the ones who count will always be there when i come back.

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