scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

5-year reunion

so last night was our high school 5-year reunion.

what can i say? people stay the same no matter what's happened to them, and that in itself is a strange concept. imagine being with this group of people, and feeling like we're still back in year 12 together; yet at the same time, many are married, some are pregnant, countless others been overseas, and other experiences. we all look the same, only older. we all act the same even. and even though in 5 years plenty has happened, it feels like only a heartbeat ago we were sharing classes and camp adventures at good ol' southern vales.

it's a surreal feeling, that everything and nothing has changed.


being there has almost made me excited to return back to queensland after all. i guess i want to prove that i can make something of my life, as well. i want to have an experience too.

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