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23 April 2001 @ 08:38 pm
Multimedia Concepts vs The Classic Theatre  

I dropped Multimedia Concepts today. Well actually, not officially. I still haven't filled in the paperwork. But I've made the decision, and there's no going back. I hated that subject so much, and it wasn't helping me at all when it came to what I'm actually studying at uni. All it was was a filler subject, to help me pass this course at uni. Hell, I want to study something I'm interested in... not something just to get enough credits to graduate.

So next semester I'm picking up another subject... "The Classic Theatre". Now this is something I know I'll enjoy. Something to do with the theatre and history, particularly Greek history. I'm looking forward to doing a subject that I'm actually enjoy, but I'm scared that I'll end up doing too much next semester... yet again. Now I'll be doing a full courseload at uni, plus working probably 3 days a week, plus working on my application for NIDA.

But what are my options? I can waste my time doing a subject that I hate, that I'm never going to think about ever again, and end up getting not-so-good marks on the other subjects I'm doing this semester because I've wasted all my energy trying to understand Multimedia. Or I can drop the subject, get Distinctions on Adult Development and Directing, and learn something next semester that I'm interested in.

I've got it all sorted out, and I should be happy. But all I can think about doing is closing my eyes, and sleeping for a long, long time.