scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

sigh. applied for one job today, and also signed up with an agency. tomorrow will be another day though, and the next one, and the next.

i brought a printer today. and a fan. i've yet to set them up though, but soon. it's funny what excites me some days. i guess i like owning things... call me materialistic, perhaps? it's nice not to always have to rely on other people for things.

i have the house to myself for the next 5 hours or so, and i'm mostly glad, although after last night, i'm a little apprehensive about being here in the dark on my own. there is some weird stuff on this street sometimes... it freaks me out, especially when i'm already having doubts & fears & uncertainties about everything. it's not a nice feeling, being unsafe.

i think i'm going to make the most of having the house to myself though, and go and watch some corny videos (oh, i missed my Center Stage video!) and write glittery letters (if you want one, let me know? xx), and later on, make a delicious dinner - those are the things that cheer me up, or at least take my mind off everything else. perhaps its a false security, but right now, i'd give anything to be back in my naive little faery world. things seem more manageable like that, somehow.

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