scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

follow the yellow brick road

i woke up this morning and had this revelation.
i feel like Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz. lets see, i run from home, in search of a better place because i wasn't happy where i was. i wind up in this gorgeous paradise, filled with sunshine and happy things, make some special friends, but then i realise... i just want to go home. i never feel quite complete in this special land, just because i was on my own, and no matter the friends you make and the experiences you have, they can't always make up for the comforts your heart longs for. and so i find a way to go home, and all the while, i remember what Dorothy says at the end of the movie... "i know not to go searching past my backyard. because if it isn't there, then i never really lost it in the first place."

my Kansas is Russ, my friends [Marianne, Brooke, Gayle, Haylea, Kristy, Sarah, &the old drama crew], my family. comforting, and yet i ran, because i thought i needed something more. my Oz was Queensland - sunshine state, dancing, drama, singing, dreams, independence... and loneliness. never quite complete, never quite whole, and all the while, looking for a way to get back to what i had before.

i'm gonna click my heels together 3 times... there's no place like home.

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