scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

waiting. always waiting. tick, tick tick.

oh, okay. so i'm only waiting for my boxes to arrive so i can start packing my stuff, and for the guy to come around from the second hand furniture shop to give me a price he'll buy my stuff for. but i get impatient waiting when i don't know what times things are happening, when i feel sort of limited in what i can do (regards to either packing OR just plain going out) until after they arrive. oh nevermind. perhaps i'm just whinging too much. really, it's not a problem.

i've been going through some of my old webpages from 2000 onwards (although i began webpaging in 1998), and it's funny, really, reading back on old journal entries... and actually, i found a whole bunch of entries that i never added to my archives here when i got this new livejournal. it's like this weird trip down memory lane or something. i wonder how much i've really changed since i was 17, 20, 21? i miss webpaging. i have plans for another one to come soon, but it's probably going to have to wait now until i'm well settled back in adelaide. i wonder if i still remember any of the html, style codes that i once used? i look back on my old pages, and sure, compared to most here today, they're not at the same level, but they were still mine, and they still hold some sort of magic to me. one day there will be another.

i saw "bowling for columbine" last night, and all i can say is... wow.

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