scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

looking forward...

i'd forgotten how good it felt to look forward to something, to have something in your life that makes you smile and be excited for the future. i was becoming so used to this feeling of numbness, to some extent - the feeling of everything being okay, but somewhat bland. i'd forgotten what it was like to be so excited about something and to count down the days until that event happened,

i'm excited again, and i'm still counting down the days until our first rehearsal for the play, until i can see everyone again. Sunday afternoons are becoming my salvation, the bright day of my week. I mean, it's not as though I have a bad week at all. I enjoy all that I do, although work is pretty boring, and if I have to put up with one more rude insane customer, they are going to cop some attitude from yours truly. However, my week is fine... it's just a little... routine like. There's not really anything much to look forward - I go through each day, simply doing the motions, doing what I normally do. And it's really not a bad thing at all, but...

There's something about looking forward to a special event that just makes you so damn glad you're alive, glad for everything you do. Because everything you do brings you one step closer to that special moment.


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