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I have about an hour before I have to leave for work, so I'm back to do a little more this page has lasted for 2 days now, I guess that's pretty good for me! Only kidding. I've been studying all day with my heard stuck in a giant textbook, and I need something to relax before I go off and deal with all those pesky customers at work...ho hum.

My application form from NIDA came in the mail today. NIDA - the National Insitute of Dramatic Arts, is, one of the biggest Drama schools in Australia. It's in Sydney, New South Wales, and to give you an idea of the competition and the exclusivenss of this school (I'm starting to sound like a snob now...I'm not!), close to 2000 people from all around Australia apply to get into one of the 8 courses they offer - Acting, Dircting, Technical Production, Design, Production Management, Voice Studies and a couple of others I've forgotten - 65 get in. Altogether, that is. About half for the acting, which leaves, oh, say, 5 people to get into each of the other courses. Mel Gibson went there, as well as Baz Luhrmann (the guy who did "Romeo + Juliet"), just to name a few people.

Anyway, it's an idea I've been playing with for the last couple of months or so. The course that I'm interested in doing, by the way, is the Technical Production course. It focuses on Stage Managering, Lighting Production and Sound Production. As my main goal is to work in the theatre - ANYWHERE! Plus, I've already done some lighting for a drama show (last year), and I loved it (despite my drama teacher telling me the whole time that I wouldn't be able to learn lighting AND direct the blasted play at the same time...but I did! Ha!), and now I'm stage managering the new play at uni...So I'm starting to get some hands on experience.

You know, I don't really expct to get in. That seems TOO ambitious, especially considering the competition rates and all...but, after a great deal of thought and consideration, what so I have to lose by applying this year? In a sense, it would be almost better if I didn't get in for next year - I still have my uni degree to finish for one thing. After all the times I changed my mind about what I was studying, it sure would be nice to be able to actually finish a degree. But of course, if, somehow, I DID get in, I would go. No doubt about it - I'd pack my bags, arrange a transfer through work to Rebel in Sydney, and find a place to stay.

Part of the interview process, is doing a project - analysing play scripts, building a model set, making lists of lighting and sound cues, etc etc...all to demonstrate ability to actually stage manage, of course.

I think I'm going to go for it. I look upon this as possibly a trial run - so then next year when I apply more seriously and with more determination, I will know what to expect. Already I have all the copies of the plays sitting in my room, waiting for me to read so I can choose one for the project (At this stage I'm looking to do "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare). Now I just need to fill in the application form, and send it off.

Studying at NIDA would be a dream, but I have to be realistic. However, without dreams, where would we be?

Sometimes you just have to reach out and grasp hold of whatever it is you wish for, because only then can dreams come true.


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