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Well, there is less than 36 hours to go until we leave for our family and I are going on a 10 day cruise as of this Saturday. Right now it's 12:50am, Friday morning...I got home from work all hyperactive and too excited to sleep, so I've been wasting some time online, and now I'm just quickly writing this before I go to bed. I can hardly believe that we're actually going on this cruise, it's sooo exciting! I think it's finally starting to sink in now that we ARE actually going...before it was hard to get too excited about it because I had exams, and then I was working and stuff, but now we just have to pack, and then we'll be on our way!!!! Yayyyyyyy.....I'm SO much looking forward to this holiday! The cruise goes to Vanautu and New Caladonia, as well as a couple of other places, which will be awesome.

On Tuesday night I saw the musical FAME which was absolutely brilliant...i fell in love with it. I'm addicted to my FAME soundtrack at the moment! I can't wait to get involved in more theatre stuff when I get back from my holiday...I'm determined to get back into it, I really miss drama and working on stage productions. Even though I'm interested in media production as well, and making our short film for drama this semester was a great experience, there's something about the way a stage production can reach out and affect an audience, in a way that a tv show or movie will never be able to...Anyway, when I get back, that's my aim - to get back into theatre work and stage shows.

Anyway, i think I'll leave this one here, and I'll be back in the middle of July sometime!!


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